Health & Aged Care

Fire Engineers Australia has the specialist skills to undertake health care projects that include major acute hospitals, from new build to refurbishments of existing hospitals; specialist facilities such as cancer centre, children’s hospitals and mental health units; research facilities including laboratories. We focus on sustainable design and construction, with emphasis on energy reduction, water conservation and cleaner transport strategies.

Our director Chris, grew up in a resident hospital campus in India and hence is aware of the challenges from a practical level. Hence, we are passionate about our fire engineering strategies being practical and suitable for the daily use of staff and patients. We are skilled at working within live hospital environments and ensuring the continuation of patient care during construction, making sure services such as power and water are maintained while ensuring occupant wellbeing.


Hospitals and aged care buildings rely on fire and smoke compartmentation strategies to limit the spread of fire and smoke in the building.

Our approach is to design compartment sizes that are practical and best suit the intended use of the space. For larger sized fire and smoke compartments we will be able to undertake the re engineering solutions needed to obtain the necessary dispensations.

Occupant evacuation strategies

Due to the nature of the occupant prole in these occupancies we would be able to design bespoke evacuation strategies that factor in the realities of building compartmentation, staff numbers and fire systems installed in the building.

We understand that there is no one size ts all. Our evacuation strategies are tailor made to be specific for each client.

Stair sizes

The BCA requires stair landings in hospitals to be of the size to facilitate the evacuation of patients using stretchers. This BCA requirement in most instances may contradict client’s workplace health and safety policies. In these situations, we will be able to design stairs using a performance based approach to ensure all legislative requirements are satisfied.


When existing hospitals are expanded or refurbished it is important that the disturbance, level of safety for the existing live hospital is not hindered.

This is done by developing staging strategies that best suit the hospital operations and client aspirations.


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