Residential buildings provide unique re engineering opportunities to save on cost and add value to the project. Below are examples of areas where our re engineering expertise can be beneficial to your project.

Composite Cladding on Façade

The recent res in Lacrosse, Dubai and UK have highlighted the issue with composite cladding on building facades. For our designs we do not rely only on the typical AS1530.1 test for non-combustibility but also focus on AS 5113:2016 Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings to comprehensively address this risk. We also develop bespoke re engineering solutions to address the composite cladding issue in buildings on a case by case basis.

Openings too close to boundary

The openings too close to the boundary require attention due to the risk of re spread. We evaluate and recommend the most appropriate protection strategy. In most cases, the industry accepted strategy of using heat attenuation screens are used to resolve this issue in a cost-effective manner. We can deliver these solutions for your project.

Egress strategy & Travel distances

We holistically review the egress provisions to ensure occupants are adequately protected. Typically for travel distances of up to 15m in residential corridors we have found that the approval authorities tend to accept enhance detection and warning strategies to mitigate the risk. For longer travel distances the current industry norm is to use active smoke control measures in the corridors to mitigate the risk. We will be able to provide a bespoke solution that is cost effective and most appropriate for your building.

Green principles – Reduction of onsite water storage

We would be able to reduce the amount of water stored onsite for the re sprinkler system using practical commonsense measures. This saves on cost, water storage requirements and on valuable space in the building.

Unwanted Alarms

We can develop bespoke cost-effective strategies to resolve your unwanted alarms issue. As part of our service, we undertake the necessary negotiations with the relevant approval authorities and re brigade. This is part of our comprehensive Unwanted Alarms Resolution service.


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