Our fire safety audits assess for compliance with the Building Code of Australia, the relevant Australian Standards and fire safety regulations, and all applicable building approval conditions.

As part of our Fire Safety Audit, we not only identify compliance shortfalls but also provide recommendations on strategies to resolve the noncompliance identified. Our Brisbane-based fire protection and safety engineering consultants provide a comprehensive fire safety audit service from start to finish.

Asset Management Consulting

Do you need baseline data for your fire systems ?

Managing your asset to meet the complex fire safety requirements and obligations can be challenging. Our experienced fire safety engineering consultants provide expert advice to develop a simple asset management plan of fire safety systems that satisfy maintenance obligations and achieve the required building performance optimisation.

Fire and Evacuation Plans

Whether it’s for a single building, a stadium concert venue or an entire campus, the specialist fire protection engineering consultants at Fire Engineers in Australia can equip you with the tools to deal effectively with a fire emergency. We can develop a comprehensive “Fire and Evacuation Plan” that would be beneficial to the building management, body corporate, fire wardens, and most importantly, simple for the occupants to follow in case of a fire emergency.

We have expert knowledge on the implementation of the Guide to Safety at sports grounds and other complex venues (the “Green Guide”) that enables us to develop the best and most pragmatic Fire and Evacuation Plan strategy for your event.

Unwanted Alarms Resolutions

We understand that persistent unwanted alarms have significant implications for business owners, from loss of trade to the cost of fire brigade callouts and, most importantly, the increased complacency of occupants to fire alarms.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service have an Unwanted Alarms Policy guidelines document which provides an excellent framework for addressing and minimizing the risk of unwanted alarms. Our fire safety engineering consultants can tailor cost-effective strategies to resolve your unwanted alarms issue. As part of our service, we undertake the necessary negotiations with the relevant approval authorities and fire brigade. This is part of our compressive Unwanted Alarms Resolution service.